Sunday, January 25, 2015

The best love song ever: Canto de Andar (Luar Na Lubre)

And here's the English translation and a credit to lamarga1 (I have edited it a bit to make it sounds nicer in English): It is dawning slowly in the lands of the sunset the -- fade with the first sun rays My love, my love, we go to face the age My beloved, my sweetheart we're going through the lands of Alen. Caress the silence and listen to your heart Because most of your dreams beat at the same song And it's time to go across the way And not to forget the time that will come and what you have to do. And the sun goes silent, delighting in the sea, Making us small with so much immensity. *Canto = a long epic poem, Latin cantus, "song" (Wikipedia) *Andar = to walk, to function, to do, to go along, to be ( Source:-

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